Friday, June 8, 2007

Top 5 missing pictures

The picture-density of this blog is quite high. It is great to find pictures of people that gave their name to a reaction or glassware. Most people are found easily.

Always nice to see whether they had a beard, moustache, no hair at all or a pince-nez.
Some pictures are hard to find. It may reamin a mystery who had a big nose, beard, Cleft lip or whatever.
Top 5 missing pictures

1) Henri Vigreux

2) Aeneas Coffey
Coffey died in 1852, so there is a big chance that there are no photographs of this guy.

3) Ernest W. Dean and David D. Stark

4) Felix Richard Allihn

5) Heinz Hunsdiecker and Clare Hunsdiecker

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