Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tongue mystery

Still there is the question: Is it Ehrenfest or Debye? here on the 1927 Solvay conference video made by Irving Langmuir.
Comparing moustaches can give a clue. As Ashutosh said : Debye had a more Charlie Chaplin-like moustache. You can see this clearly on the famous group picture of the conference.

Here is Ehrenfest, from the same picture.
The 2 minutes video Ehrenfest contains several shots of Ehrenfest. Debye is there two or three times, just a brief moment.

Here he is with the Charlie Chaplin moustache again. In this frame his face seems to be a bit narrower.
It makes you wonder: was he was separated at birth from John Cleese.Debye isn't doing a silly walk though.

Here is Ehrenfest with Debye laughing in the background.His head appears to be polymorphous. When laughing his moustache appears to go from the Chaplin conformation into a broad moustache.I tend to believe that the tongue guy is Ehrenfest. Look at the last frame.
And compare it with this shot of Ehrenfest laughing at the camera.
Yeah, it must be Ehrenfest.... Ehhh... When I see the first frame of the 'stick out tongue'-sequence and look at this picture of Debye I'm in doubt again

The tongue guy is just a Ehrenfest-Debye blend separated at birth from John Cleese.


Ashutosh said...

meticulous study...i think this largely clears up things now.

synthetic environment said...

I'm quite sure you were right. the tongue-guy must be Paul.

Still, there is a voice in my head that says:'John Cleese attended that Solvay conference.'

Anonymous said...