Monday, June 18, 2007


The previous post may contain false information about the identity of the person on the 'tongue picture'. We had a short discussion about it. We compared the moustache of Ehrenfest and Debye around that time and came to the conclusion that the person on the picture might indeed be Ehrenfest as Ashutosh said (and not a chemist). We may have had some false information. (See comments on previous post).

Maybe sorry.

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Ashutosh said... seems hard to say at this point, but I think the moustache comparison is the best I can do too, with Debye's being more Charlie Chaplin like. I think a clue also could possibly come from analysis of personalities. I know Ehrenfest had a playful and jocular personality, and it would not be unlike him to make faces like this. I don't really know much about Debye's personality to say whether it was likely for me to do something like this.