Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mr. Dean and Mr. Stark

I was complaining here that I was unable to find information about Ernest W. Dean (1888-1959) and David D. Stark (1893-??, but quite dead probably), but now I did found something.
Ind. Eng. Chem.; 1920; 12(5); 486-490.

The article gives a description of the apparatus that made their names famous in chemistry.

The article contains a (lousy) picture of a 4-unit electrically heated Dean-Stark installation that was developped for their Bureau of Mines as well.

You can read in the article that they were already aware of the marketability of their apparatus.Nowadays Dean-Stark traps are quite expensive when you buy it, so it is a profitable product... Well, all glassware is actually quite expensive.

Relatively unknown names that have the relatively most famous named-laboratory equipment.


Petr said...

how can one find such paper? :)

een of andere vent said...

Scifinder is my friend

198098 said...

I am using the apparatus and looking for the information of inventor to write dean-stark apparatus for chinese wikipedia.Thank you for your answer.

Anonymous said...