Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What I hate about patents

When I need some reference compound for a biological assay and have selected the best candidates in order to have them synthesized I always end up with synthetic procedures like this.

In this case I feel lucky I can see all intermediates, and deduct the synthetic route that was used; and : Hooray!! NMR data!!

When the patent is in English and I am searching for the endproduct I allways see general structures like this.

Seacrhing in patens for compounds and preparations is often quite frustrating.
Beneath this structure a list with so many possible substituents that about 109 different compounds is claimed.

Synthetic routes are given, but with very little procedure details. If there are details they are like this.

Just say you do not want to tell me what you did exactly right away, saves my time reading this crap!

Others just say :

Referring to procedures in a 1953 paper. You try all procedures and they all fail. After lots of experimentation you manage to improve the procedure so that it works, then you see in the latest Bioorg. Med. Chem. That they published the route with a detailed experimental section, using the things you had to find out yourself.

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