Monday, January 8, 2007

Top 5 of bearded chemists

In order to look like a true eccentric scientist you must have a beard and be old. To be qualified to compete for a place in this top 5 the chemists had to be bearded, dead and must have lived in the 19th century for the most of their lives.

1) Dmitri Mendeleev (it is said that he had a haircut once a year)

2) August Wilhelm von Hofmann

3) Hugo Schiff

4) Vladimir Markovnikov

5) Sir William Perkin


Ψ*Ψ said...

I've been told my reactions would work more often if I had a beard. Unfortunately, save for lots and lots of hormone treatments, there is no way I can grow facial hair.

een of andere vent said...

I am able to grow facial hair but am reluctant to do so. I sometimes whisper gently to the molecules, Most of the time scream and call them bad names. It does not work either for the reactions but it is good therapy for me.

Russ said...

Just discovered your blog today - I like it!

I myself keep the beard to about 5 mm. I imagine at some point, I will experiment Mendeleev-length facial hair and see if it has any impact on my scientific career!

Anonymous said...