Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top 5 chemist transportation modes

1) Robert Burns Woodward in a sedan chair carried by his students while smoking.

2) Otto Hahn at the back of a truck going to the frontline of WWI while playing guitar.

3) Linus Pauling, inspired by Hahn to travel at the back of a vehicle.

4) Marie Curie driving a mobile radiography unit (Petit Curie) to the frontlines of WWI.

5) Irène Joliot-Curie traveling in the cargo hold of a 'Petit Curie' while her mother is driving.


Ashutosh said...

The bearded guy to the left in teh RBW picture is Stuart Schreiber

milkshake said...

You have an error in caption of Hahn-the-guitarist picture. Otto Hahn travelled to frontlines in WWI when he was part of poison gas unit headed by Fritz Haber.

By the time of WWII Hahn was too old and to renowned to sit on the spare of an army truck. He also despised Nazis, resigned in protest when Haber and Meitner were fired as Jews. He helped to save a number of people from Nazis so I doubt he would ever volunteer himself for the nazi war effort.

synthetic environment said...

Yep, typed one I too much. He was indeed going to Ypres with Haber.

Anonymous said...