Saturday, May 26, 2007

St. Emil

Germany has the most chemist statues. Perhaps Germany just has the most statues, could well be. There are statues with some similarities. Like these statues.

Justus von Liebig Denkmal, Giessen

Emil Fischer Denkmal, Berlin

Some similarities are obvious, both statues are German chemist statues in Germany. Another similarity is that you will only find black and white pictures of these statues. The reason is because of another similarity; both statues were destroyed in WWII. That's a shame...

The Fischer statue has been reproduced as a bronze statue (instead of stone, like the original). So we can look at the reproduction in color.
Emil looks like a monk, or better: a saint. Was Saint Fancis from Assisi his great great great grandfather perhaps?
St. Emil... Yes he was a holy chemist..


ChemGod said...

thou shall not pronounce the name of Emil in vain!

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