Friday, May 25, 2007

The Dehn-Hartman apparatus

Have you ever heard of the Dehn-Hartman apparatus. It is a great piece of equipment.
Do you know the purpose of this thing? Here is a hint: Dehn and Hartman are those guys, and the device is described here:

I'll explain the thing. In case you need it one day.

Urine in flasks A is dispensed with siphons into bottle B where the urine is passed through an ether layer. The water layer is dispensed into flask C with a siphon. Flask C is heated so that ether that came with the water layer is vaporized and condensed in the condser on top of bottle B. The ether layer is dispensed with a syphon into flask D and concentrated, leading the vaporized ether into the condenser back into bottle B.

So what we have is something like an continuous urine extraction and concentration device. The Dehn-Hartman apparatus is just brilliant.

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