Friday, March 23, 2007

A synthetic environment - reloaded

Two weeks ago I mailed to tell Een of andere vent that I hoped he would not delete the blog and should continue to post things every now and then. He replied: ‘Do it yourself.’ I said that had no access to the blog. He gave me access. It turned out that I knew him.

He is my supervisor now. He wants me to call him Sir now, so we have a strict professional realationship. I do the work and he will say it was his idea. In the meantime Vent is just doing nothing besides having an Ellen Swallow Richards obsession and a special interest in facial hair. I will probably post less often than Vent did, but I’ll do my best.

Well this was his idea I must admit, a new category: What they said…

With Einstein on the beach

Vent demanded two other 'What they said' things in this post.

Deductive technique

Vent demanded facial hair things as well.

Recognize a genius

Vent spoke about his urinating behavior and I wonder if he could help me with this reduction I am working on.

JACS, 1900, 22, 309


een of andere vent said...

I'd be happy to piss in your fume hood. I'll drop by next week.

Chemgeek said...

Glad to have the blog back online.

However, I believe snaak and een of andere vent are one and the same and will fuel this conspiracy theory at every opportunity.

snaack said...

You might, be right. We could fuel the conspiracy that we are one and the same person too. I'm glad we're not however.