Friday, March 2, 2007

Big bad industry

Are there people that think you work in the big bad polluting industry or the industry where they do not want people to get healthy? Tell them there is always worse, and give them this book about I.G. Farben:

The crime and punishment of I.G. Farben by Joseph Borkin

You can get a free copy here.

If you want to read horrible patents.

Check out : DE438818, DE447913 about Blausäure, Later known as Zyklon-B(lausäure).
Developed as a pesticide but later used to commit massive war crimes.

DE447913; Haltbarmachen von Blausäure

'Making Hydrogencyanide not perishable'


Mitch said...

Actually, would you know the answer to this question?


Mitch said...

Woops, link to question:


Kutti said...

@Mitch: Have you already checked ?

een of andere vent said...

I use micropatent

Don't know how expensive it is. My boss pays.

Patent writing is quite tricky. We have a patent department to advise us on how to make the patent unreadible but solid, and how to claim the invention without giving much details etc.