Thursday, February 15, 2007

Top 5 dead chemists (final)

I updated the Top 5 dead chemists poll, the votes from the qualification round will count for the final as well. You can vote again on your favourites (once a day). The poll shows the ranking from the qualification round. Very happy that Curie is number 1 now.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Uhm, you have Rosalind Franklin and Rosalind Elsie Franklin listed...

een of andere vent said...

Oops, fixed it (thanx). Ziegler will be glad for it. Votes untill now

Marie Curie 14
Robert Burns Woodward 13
Friedrich Wöhler 11
Hermann Emil Fischer 11
Victor Grignard 9
Dmitri Mendeleev 8
Linus Pauling 8
Antoine Lavoisier 7
JH van 't Hoff 6
Rosalind Franklin 6
Joseph Priestley 5
Justus von Liebig 4
Georg Wittig 4
Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac 3
Walther Nernst 2
Karen Wetterhahn 2
Paul Ehrlich 2
Louis Pasteur 2
Glenn Seaborg 2
Karl Ziegler 1

Anonymous said...