Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In most labs there is…

- the bastard who only stops talking about his own fantastic project to remind you of your last failed one.

- the demi-water drinker.

- the nitwit who repeats all smart things others said an hour ago.

- the gutless character who always agrees with the boss, provided that he is around.

- the compulsive dry-ice in the waterbath of your rotavap thrower.

- the retard with a ‘try the microwave'-neurosis.

- the creep you suspect to have a pyridine fetish or something like that.

- someone like me who believes to be on the right place in such a mental institution.


Ψ*Ψ said...

I'm glad my labmates are none of the above!
...I guess I might be a dry-ice-compulsive, though. Leftover dry ice from setting up a reaction turns me into a kid in a candy store :)
In my last lab, there was definitely a guy who got a glass of DI water every morning as soon as he got to work. I always thought it was a little weird, but maybe it's more common than I thought?

Naffer said...

I 'll admit to being a dry ice fool, but I don't understand the drinking the deionized water thing. Maybe I've just been conditioned to never put anything I find in a lab in my mouth.

milkshake said...

DI water is good for making a tasty tea - calcium and magnesium ions realy tend to spoil tea taste and cause tannins to precipitate.

As far as I can tell DI water does absolutely nothing for taste of coffee, especialy if it is the cheap robusta type flavored with burnt rubber and motoroil.