Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top 5 hair loss chemists

1) August Wilhelm von Hoffmann

2) Fritz Haber

3) Ira Remsen

Notice the nice 'only on the cheeks moustache-design'.

4) Linus Pauling

5) Hermann Staudinger

You may have noticed that the author is now called 'Synthetic Environment'. Een of andere vent is giving input for post ideas now so we decided to use just one author. (Well, there are people who think there is just one author.)

Een of andere vent: Congratulations with your offspring!


Ashutosh said...

Bravo! I hope there's no one whose hair actually grew back in later life.

Kutti said...

Wow, but I am still wondering where you get all these pictures and ideas from... :-)

milkshake said...

As Een of Andere Vent will be soon able to confirm, hair actually does grow back in later life - in the case of infants

Chemgeek said...

I knew you were the same person. I KNEW IT.

Hair Replacement said...

It is very interesting to know such information. I never paid attention on this fact before, and now after your post I realized it.

Hair transplant said...

I think they had hair loss, course job. Ever you saw skin headed compositor?