Monday, December 11, 2006

Top 5 : Executed Chemists

1) Antoine Lavoisier
Guillotined on May 8 1794 because of his job as a tax collector.

2) Elena Ceauşescu
Shot with a sub-machine-gun on December 25 1989, after the fall of her husband’s dictatorship in Romania.

3) Masami Tsuchiya
Sentenced to death on Januari 30 2004 because of his role in the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway by Aum Shinrikyo.

4) Bruno Tesch
Executed on 16 May 1946 because of the production of Zyklon B for 'The Third Reich'.

5) Ernst Cohen
Executed (murdered) March 5 1944 in the gas chamber of Auschwitz.


Ψ*Ψ said...

I never knew Elena Ceauşescu was a chemist.
You should post more lists like this. Fascinating.

een of andere vent said...

I'll try to do a top 5 list every now and then.

Anonymous said...

she (Elena Ceausescu) wasn't actually a chemist.. she just had her papers signed because she had power, otherwise she had 4th grade education