Monday, December 4, 2006

Stupid things to do as a (Med.) Chemist

- Synthesize a reference compound and discover afterwards that senior management decided to stop the project without telling you.

- Be a sales representative for Pfizer.

- Publish your optimized Suzuki reaction in water and tell the chemistry is oh so green, and hide the experimental procedure with the 5 litres dichloromethane extraction as a note between the references.

- Try to explain the biologist why the unreliable 6 step synthesis of the compound with 5 chiral centres takes much more time than the straightforward 8 step synthesis of another symmetrical compound.

- Explain your peasant neighbor what you do for a living.

- Criticize the senior management.

- Be honest about your trust in the validation of your target.

- After finishing a successful project, tell the boss that a project was much easier than expected.

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