Friday, October 5, 2007

Old labs

Old photos of chemistry labs are awesome.

A lot of bottles and men working in suit without safety glasses.

University of California 1888

Crowded labs with wooden benches and no ventilation at all.

Kansas State Agricultural College (1899)

Even labs crowded with women.

1915 Oregon Agricultural College

Or just an old shed with the smell of dung still in it, but a perfect place to discover Radium.

This made me wonder; What is the oldest photo of a chemistry lab? This is the oldest I could find.

Glasgow University ca. 1864

The laboratory was set up by the legendary Thomas Thomson.

In 1811 Thomson set up one of the first chemistry labs in Brittain in Edinburgh. This lab in Glasgow was set up in 1831. This lab seems to be the safest. If you are just sitting there doing nothing, what can go wrong?


Chemgeek said...

Is that a primitive fume hood in the back of the Glasgow picture?

synthetic environment said...

I suppose it is a mantelshelf, and cooking-range where they are preparing a vegetable soup for lunch. The chemists are waiting for the baker to deliver some bread.

It seems they have a zinc watering can as well on the bench left in front. So they may be gardeners instead of chemists, waiting for lunch in the lab.

Anonymous said...

Pix reminds me of my high school lab...

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