Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wöhler's posing skills

I have added another picture to the Friedrich Wöhler gallery.
Wöhler was famous for his posing technique. His poses were copied by many people. This 'sitting with a stick-pose' was copied by Hans Christian Andersen.
Another writer saw the 'bent over with piercing look-pose' performed by Mendeleev.He decided to combine this with the 'sitting with a stick-pose', that is the origin of this famous picture of Oscar Wilde.
Hans Christian Andersen admired Wöhler posing skills and copied more of his poses.

The 'desk leaning-pose'
Wöhler was an expert on 'desk leaning-poses' and Andersen tried to copy them all.

Wöhler's poses were not copied by writers alone. His poses were so famous that even emperors copied them before Wöhler was born.

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