Monday, July 16, 2007

Named chemical process patents

Baekeland Process – Leo Baekeland; US942699 (production of bakelite)
Bosch-Meiser Process – Carl Bosch and Wilhelm Meiser; US1429483 (production of urea)

Creighton Process – Henry Jermain Creighton; US1612361 (reduction of sugars)

Gibbs Process – Harry Gibbs; US1285117 (production of phtalic anhydride)

Haber-Bosch Process – Fritz Haber; US971501 (production of ammonia)

Raecke(or Henkel) process – Bernhard Raecke/Henkel&Cie Gmbh; DE936036 (production of terephthalic acid)

Twitchell Process - Ernst Twitchell; US601603 (cleavage of fatty acids)

Tyrer Process – Daniel Tyrer; US1210725 (sulfonation of hydrocarbons)

There are more named processes but I was not prepared to do more patent searching, maybe some other day.


helium neon argon said...

Wow, that's a lot of chemical history in one brief page. Imagine how different modern life would be without any one of these inventions.

Anonymous said...