Saturday, November 18, 2006

Some aqueous solution

The most horrible aqueous solution we have is the dark rubbish from some dispensing robot. People refer to this solution as coffee. Lack of something decent makes me drink this stuff about a litre a day resulting in headaches and trembling limbs. Trying to find out what it is that I poison myself with, I did a LCMS analysis of it.

click pic for larger view

It turned out that caffeine gave a dominant peak in the chromatogram, and was the only peak with a clear MS-spectrum.

It will not surprise me if our boss just wants to make sure we work as fast as possible.


Ψ*Ψ said...

Had no idea the caffeine peak from coffee would be THAT BIG. I'd be useless without it in the morning, though.

milkshake said...

You have ours LC/MS on electrospray probe so you mostly detect things that protonate (deprotonate) easily. Therefore you are unable to see the motoroil peaks. (Motor-oil with burnt rubber are the two most popular flavoring in industrial coffee).

een of andere vent said...

Milkshake is right. Caffeine is almost the only detectable substance in coffee on our RP-system. The oily things give no UV or MS response, and lots of fatty stuff still linger on the collumn.